Database system is now ready. You can test it, just click eggman on top left. And try to search toys. (k04, animal...)
I will try to add every week ca 100 toys, and It should be ready within next 6 months.
Really big job. Goal is simply: This kinder site, should be the best information source for all Kinder surprise collectors!

Introducing our hobby

We started to collect Kinder items more seriously since in spring 1996, but also I have almost all items which we have got within last 25 years.

At the moment we have more than 10000 diffrent kinder items in our collection. We also have tons of duplicates for trade or I can sell those too!

Don`t hesitate to contact me, IŽll try to respond all questions & inquiries.

motocoyoten paper soon!
New handpainted serie is now in shops; Motocoyoten! Not easy to get.. I have 7 different available for trading....

OVER 1 million collectors can`t be wrong....
Kinder Surprises are hottest collectibles today!

Mika Aarnio`s
Kinder Surprises