Are there any Gorgeous Edsels in Finland?
Oh yes, some treasures are here, about 30-50 Edsels are here in Finland now (02-2014) .
I saw first an Edsel in mid 90`s, then I realized that I want one. April 2010 I managed to buy Edsel project, see my ELLI Edsels restoration blog HERE
I know, that atleast 4 edsels were sold here as new cars;
2x 1958 Ranger 4dr sedan , 1959 Corsair Convertible , the moscow show car, sold to Florida back in 1973 and 1960 Edsel
ca 20-40 Edsels imported from USA, since mid 80`s:
1958: Sedans & hardtops, more than 10, 1958 Convertibles; 6 pacers , 1 Citation Known, zero wagons
1959: Sedans & hardtops, more than 10, zero convertibles, 6 Wagons known. 1960: 2 projects known

Mika E Aarnio, Edsel & Ford Freak from Finland.