Hello everybody! My name is Mika Aarnio. I am 33 years old, married. I have a son, Oskari 5 years, a real "Little brakeman".
Also we get December 1999 little Daughter, Heidi. Few pictures here! (including whole family).

We collect and play Märklin H0 model railroads, German prototype eras I- IV.

Our other hobbies are:

My modelrailroad hobby starts when i got my first train in christmas 1975. It was italian made Lima. I drove with it about 2 weeks, then it break down. Next Cristmas I got my first Märklin packkage, 2920 S. The quality was like it cames from another planet! First of all i was confused, why loco goes sometimes back and sometimes forward. I guess I was too eager to read manuals (I was about 5 years old), I didn`t understand that fine changing direction system. Next chrismas Santa Claus gives me 5190, and next 5192... I remember I saved year from my weekly pocket money, then I was able to buy 3021 diesel loco. It was about 10 times cheaper than samekind of loco nowdays. Almost every saturday my parents took me to my grandparents, and usually i built some kind of railroad. When i was studying electronics/ economics in late 80`s, i bought few start packages and some extension packages from my school mates.

New Start
Now my son is now 3,5 years old, and he is wery intrested about model railways. Only problem is that he is very intrested in those fine detailed model which haves smallest parts. We have little fights almost everyday... Now he can play only with BR 39 (3000), that will last for his plays!

Middle of 90`s I Iost little bit lost my enthusiasm about modelrailroads, but now I have "little brakeman", and we both enjoy lots of our great hobby.
Latest news
I started to build new layout to our basement (sized 2,5 m x 4,8m), but I noticed that there were not enough space for our hobby.
Next spring we are starting to build more space for our house, and then we get 40m2 space for our diorama! (5m x 8m)

Here is first sketch for our new diorama.

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